Punching and Notching Tools for Aluminum Profiles and Alucobond Panels

All our Punching & Notching machines can be designed to work with your very special type of profile. Please contact us with your specific details so that we can work on a quotation.

Aluminum Composite Panel Pneumatic Punch

Composite Edge Notching Punch(Desktop)
The punch is produced as desktop and pneumatic.
It makes edge notching operation of various forms of composite panels and
aluminium plate and assembly slots.
Notching dimensions can adjustable from stoppers with scalas.
It works with 6-8 bar air pneumatic air with press 8 mm hose.

Technical Features
It works between 6-8 bar pneumatic air.
Weight is 16 kg ( + -2 kg according to model)
Punch dimensions are; Weight: 200 mm, Length: 200 mm, Height: 300 mm
(without stopers)

Aluminum Profile Pneumatic Punch

C 60 -S 55 Profile Mounting Hole Punch

Punch can be worked as pneumatical.
Horizontal profile, C60 –S 55 profiles punches mounting holes.It can be punch single, double or triple

It makes the application convenient because it drills accurate and burr-free.
Hole axiscan be adjustable, and this made by the screw scale and so that there is no need to clamp
other methods.

Technical Features
It works with 6-8 bar pneumaticair.

The dimensions are;
Weight: 200mm, Length: 200 mm, Height: 350 mm

Aluminum Profile Pneumatic Punch (Multiple stations)

Slide Series Processing Punches

It makes notching and drill operations of slide series.
It is activated as pneumatic.
It gives fast and accurate production to user.
Its installation and shipment is easy.


It works between 6-8 bar pneumatic air.
Weight is maximum 90 kg.

Press dimensions are;
Weight: 375 mm, Length: 280 mm, Height: 500 mm

Aluminum Profile Hydraulic Punch (Multiple stations)

Because the punch is produced as rotary table, 4 molds can be attached.
Rotary tables are rotated and are operated with molds that comeunderpiston.
Because of the molds, return by spring so its attachment is easy to press.
Front profile makes notching operation with 3 molds.
Notching operationis taking15 seconds as one titip of the profile.

Punch Features
Hydrolic 380 V
Maximum tonnage is 10 tonnes.
The dimensions are; Weight750 mm, Length900 mm, Height1400 mm
Weight pressi s 335 kg, Blocks are 40 kg, Package is 50 kg.

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