Panel Cutting and Grooving with 2 saw blades that are shifting pneumatically

Our machines offer many useful features as Standard in a compact space-saving design:

  • Able to process sheets both horizontally and vertically. (Working in both X & Y Axis)
  • Saw head w/motor rotates 90° for rip or crosscutting.
  • Grooving thickness guide discs for 4 mm thickness ACP come with the machine.
  • Pneumatic Controlled shifting of blades from Cutting to Grooving or Grooving to Cutting mode.
  • Spring loaded floating saw blade enclosure shoe glides over panel surface applying a holddown force while it enhances dust collection & safety by enclosing the saw blade.
  • While Cross- or rip cutting the material always rests firmly against the “slightly angled” back grid support.
  • Built-in dust collection with collection bag, mounted on the rear of the frame.
  • Auto-pneumatic shifting material back support grid, shifting away from the saw blade cut line, prevents cutting into the grid support strips while rip cutting horizontally.
  • Standard metric preset “beam lock” stations for vertical cutting. Vertical cutting stations are spaced at 1m. increments to lock in the saw beam for vertical crosscuts.
  • Fold-out shelf that runs the length of the frame for small parts cutting. Centrally located retractable material support shelves throughout the entire machine frame allow for ergonomic cutting of smaller parts, at any cutting station without the need for the operator to bend down.
  • Standard flip-stops for dimension setting.
  • Precision steel bottom edge support metal wheel rollers to facilitate easy loading & positioning of the larger or heavy panels.


  • Elongation of chassis length (hence making working length upto +2 meters; i.e. overall working length: 6m Digital readouts for X & Y axis
  • 5.5 HP (4 kW) motor option
  • Spare saw blades, Spare set of razor tips (10 tips ea.) 135 Degree or U Type, Carbide Tip Grooving Blades
  • Pair of angle cutting attachment
Automatic cutting system
Automatic lock system
Digital readouts for X & Y axis
Motor power-Electric consumption 4 HP – 3 kW 4 HP – 3 kW 4 HP – 3 kW
Motor rotation (Rpm) 3.000 3.000 3.000
Cutting blade rotation (Rpm) 5.800 5.800 5.800
Grooving blade rotation (Rpm) 5.800 5.800 5.800
Vertical working height (mm) 2.000 2.000 2.000
Horizontal working height (mm) 1.850 1.850 1.850
Horizontal working length (mm) 4.000 4.000 4.000
Cutting thickness (mm) 0-24 0-24 0-24
Cutting blade size 230 x 62 x 30 x 3.2 230 x 62 x 30 x 3.2 230 x 62 x 30 x 3.2
Grooving blade size 200 x 30 z10(10 riveted razor tips, 4 corners each) 200 x 30 z10(10 riveted razor tips, 4 corners each) 200 x 30 z10

(10 riveted razor tips, 4 corners each)

Panel size (WxHxD) (cm) 500 x 298 x 115 500 x 298 x 115 500 x 298 x 115
Shipping dimensions (cm) 510 x 250 x 140 510 x 250 x 140 510 x 250 x 140
Machine net weight (kg) 665 665 665
Dust collection unit & dust collection bag
Bottom edge supports Metal wheel rollers Metal wheel rollers Metal wheel rollers
Material back support grid Auto-pneumatic shifting Auto-pneumatic shifting Auto-pneumatic shifting

Why Choose Vertical Panel Saw for Aluminum Working?

Vertical Aluminum Working Panel Saws have several advantages over other types of machinery. These can be summarised as:

Space saving. Aluminum Panel Saws take up a much smaller footprint compared to a flat bed panel saw for cutting the same size panels;

Labour saving. You only need to handle the full sheet one time. It”s then just a one man operation to cut the boards;

Accuracy. There”s no reliance on the operator to keep the board square to the fence;

Safety. Vertical panel saws for Aluminum working are extremely safe. The blade is always covered and its’ misuse is prevented;

Reveals. These can easily be cut in a board by a vertical panel saw;

Cut quality. You have the option of a constant feed speed automatic cut cycle to give superb edges.

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